Spell Chekcing???

Either Im missing something or this just isnt funny

Either I'm missing something or this just isn't funny

Hi hi hi everyone,

Back to ranting and raving, which is what I do most of the time.  It doesn’t take much to find problems in this world if you stop and think for a minute.

Long long ago when computers weren’t around, people in the world who wrote things down had an important skill.  If they were good at what they did, they could read their work and decide that some of the words weren’t correct.  They could then fix them and move on their way.  One would gain or lose respect depending on their abilities to spell.

Today we just don’t seem to give a damn.  Spelling is going out the window and being replaced with Internet/texting slang.  Why write an entire word when it can be abbreviated or sluffed off?  Who is honestly going to care if I spell a few words wrong?  Que the end of the world as humanity continues its downward descent into extinction, or at least the path back to unintelligent animal behaviour.

But wait…!  Hark!  I hear there is a saviour.  The oh so special spell checker that is included in every word processor.  A minor crutch to our laziness and probably a major reason that most young people don’t know how to spell, or haven’t bothered to learn the skill.  

We all know that spell check isn’t perfect.  Sometimes it auto-corrects to the wrong word, it is almost completely impossible to change (and keep it set) to United Kingdom English, and if you type to instead of top then it won’t get caught.

And then I thought about this.  Spell checks that don’t recognize words in our evolving language.  Myspace has lost its top spot to Facebook but is still a major tool for bands.  The thing that is so strange, is that ‘Myspace’ is an incorrect word in the Myspace spell checker.  ‘Blog‘ is another incorrect word in almost every blog site!  The fact that these words, so important to the task at hand, aren’t recognized in spell checks makes the whole idea completely useless.

Kazoos, Princess Leia, Ringo!!! Let’s Go!!!



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