Bono and (Red)wire Reposted

Hey friends, here’s a great post from our friends at New Rockstar Philosophy:

Subcription Music: Promoting New Music and Saving Africa.

So I’m a big U2 fan and have a huge respect for Bono. Even though the guy gets hammered by the media all the time, you gotta respect his persistance and dedication.

Anyways, today the (RED) brand released their new music project, (RED) wire.

Basically, you pay $5 month and get a few new music tracks from established artists AND new comers! Half the proceeds go to (no, not the human fund). The other half goes to the artists who contribute.

I think this is pretty damn cool. It’s a win for everyone involved.

1. Music Fan

Gets new tracks from new and established artists while also contributing to the saving of people’s lives. Plus, it’s cheaper than a pint of Guiness a month.

2. (Red)wire

They get to build a subscription list where they can communicate with the converted about how they can do further good (if they want to).

3. Artists

Artists not only get exposure, but get paid for the use of their songs in the project. New artists get showcased. It’s a discovery tool!


They get $2.50/month for each subscriber. It’s not just a one time payment, it’s consistent and scalable.

Man, I love this well crafted blend of commerce and philanthropy. A creative strategy benefiting everyone involved.

Perfect timing for the release of the service too. Could be a great Christmas gift.

Take Control of Your Music,


Also in Arms Up news, we had the most mind blowing jam last night. Great things are here.

Voyno + SnowDove, ArmsUp


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