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Friday Review

Happy Friday to ya’ll!

I’m pumped for the weekend but I know I’ll have to take it easy so I can catch up on some sleep.  But we can all agree that in eight or so more hours we can do as we please and not as ‘the man’ wants us to.

As promised in “Viva la Cuba!” I have a review of the book I’ve been reading; Fidel Castro: My Life.

The good stuff first.  The format of the book, as I stated before, was an interview style though some editing has been done to make it more readable.  For me that style was great as it seemed candid and honest.  The way Castro speaks is given (albeit through translation) a more human touch than it would be in a factual type of book.  I also enjoyed how much research had been put into the writing.  Dates, people and events are carefuly noted in the end notes and you cannot misunderstand who these key players or events are/were.

Of course it wasn’t all peachy.  I find that Fidel deals in a lot of absolutes and as Obi Wan taught us: “Only sith deal in absolutes.”  An example would be Castro claiming that throughout Cuba’s entire revolution from the 50s up until now, not one prisioner in war or otherwise has been treated poorly.  It may be that not many have, but he cannot claim that when his soldiers in Africa aren’t under his direct supervision and are in an emotionally heated state of battle.
Stylistically I hated the end notes.  They weren’t placed as footnotes because of their impressive quantity, but they weren’t placed at the end of the chapter either.  Having to flip to the very back of the book every time was a tedious activity and forced me to use two bookmarks!

That’s what I thought, but I’d recommend reading the book if you get a chance, it’ll open your mind a bit.

And now for something completely different:

SnowDove, ArmsUp


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Some Cool History Stuff

Hey hey little ones,

I was going to rant and rave like a crazy lunatic today about radios or spellcheckers but you’ll have to wait for those posts.  I was checking out some history stuff for my grade 12s when I happened upon these little tidbits that just go to show how great music really was.

First Up: I want to go with you on a…

The album came out on Nov 7 1967

And sticking with those wonderful mop tops…

Enjoy friends!


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Ze German Myspace Virus

If you’ve received a Myspace friend request then you have probably seen this attached to that request:

“Klicke hier, um eine Nachricht einzugeben, die mit der Freundanfrage mitgeschickt wird!”

“Klicke hier, um eine Nachricht einzugeben, die mit der Freundanfrage mitgeschickt wird!”

“Klicke hier, um eine Nachricht einzugeben, die mit der Freundanfrage mitgeschickt wird!”

First off what the hell is it?

I put it into a German to English translator and got this:

Click here in order to input a message, that is enclosed with the friend inquiry!

So that means…uh…that this is some sort of German programmed bot that many people have downloaded and are now using to add random friends? That sounds very strange to me.

I bet its some virus bullshit that Myspace users are infected with.  Myspace certainly doesn’t do a great job of stopping any of those problems.

Of course we accept all of the friend requests with the strange German text.  Maybe we’re infected too.  I hope not.

Also, are bands still randomly adding people to their Myspace profile?  Has  Tilla Tequila not proved that having a billion Myspace profiles only leads to horrible horrible things?

Everyone has their own idea how to build a career I guess.

And with that, I’ll leave you with Robbie Zimmerman.  Who owns the blueprint for creating a career.  Good music.

Voyno, ArmsUp

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Taking the Edge Off

Welly welly welly welly,

How goes it in the battle of life?  Mine is good but this school is coming down around me in relationship destruction.  I was trying, for the life of me, to figure out what to write today and I decided to connect a whole bunch of stuff that I’ve been thinking/talking about in the last while.

First off this high school thing and the relationship problems is something I’d forgotten about.  This week alone (and its only Tuesday)  there have been 3 fights amongst student couples.  I won’t get into details because I don’t know half of them but tears are flowing and wow!

I’ll jump from there to a great show that the entire band likes: Trailer Park Boys.  Just so happens that I found a clip with Mr. Lahey in a relationship problem.  I thought I’d share a bit of the humour to take the edge off.  **BE WARNED THERE ARE SWEARS IN THIS VIDEO!**

I guess only my dad will understand the Propane connection but in the end it all works out, just like relationships.

p.s. Heavy posted a new blog…Check it out Here


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ArmsUp News

Hi hi hi oh my brothers,

I hope everyone had a safe and fun weekend.  Its time to update ya’ll on the band and its activities in the past week.

1. The most obvious thing that happened is that we did far less than usual.  With all of the busy times I’m having at school, combined with Handy’s overtime shifts and Heavy’s long work days we were in need of a small break.

2.  Even with the break, we managed to begin a new demo for Midnight Choirs which is to be our next single.  So far its dancey, its fresh, and its what we all want to hear.  So tighten up your dancing shoes and start getting ready for it.

3.  On Friday night we put together a song that I’ve been dreaming about over the past few weeks.  I’m not sure if it is what I want yet, but it was completely crazy during the jam.


SnowDove, ArmsUp

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Friday Review

Happy Friday oh my brothers,

Today got off to a shaky start I’d have to say.  I slept in (along with everyone else in my carpool), I didn’t have coffee ground so I drank tea instead, and I forgot to bring my trumpet to school (on a jazz band day of all things).  So I’m not going to write a whole lot today, just give you some great drum videos!

1. Neil Peart:

This is for Handy Andy who is in love with the man and Rush.  If you listen to any of the ArmsUpsongs you’ll hear Neil Peart drum fills for sure.

2. Tony Williams:

My favorite drummer.  He’s a bit older in this video but Tony Williams started playing with Miles Davis when he was 17!

3. John Blackwell

A more funky drummer, and as great as the rest.  I found this guy by listening to the Purple One himself. Pay close attention at about 2:50

Viddy well my brother, viddy well

SnowDove, ArmsUp

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Radio Garbage

Hi hi hi, sorry I’m late posting this, I was teaching children about Louis Riel.

Strangely enough it seems that people are far more interested in reading my rants than they are in reading/watching a video on igloo making.  It suprises me because I am surrounded by snow for 8-9 months of the year and it makes sense to know how to survive.  Those of you who are in the southern areas, and are far warmer will question what this ‘snow’  thing is anyhow.  Well I’m back to the topic that I said I wouldn’t discuss so…

Garbage Radio!
Saskatoon has 3 ‘popular’ FM stations and CBC as well as CFCR the community radio station.  I’m not a big radio listener at all, but there are times when the ipod dies or I have to be in a car with no CD player.  Then comes the pain of listening to the crap that people are now calling radio.  I have a long list of problems that I can go on about so this theme might just recur for a while.

1. The stupid stereotypical radio voice. 
Both the advertisements for the stations and their ‘djs’ use, or try to use, their ‘radio voice’.  It disgusts me to think that because I’m tuned into the rock station that I’m a beer guzzling Man who likes cars, beer, and rock & roll and my voice is low and ‘manly’.  I’m there to hear music, not be typecast into the role the station dreams up.  Don’t forget pop stations who use the ditsy/sexy girl voice because only ‘young attractive women listen to that station, and they are probably stupid because most girls are’.  I’m betting most of the female radio personalities are not all that attractive anyway.  Ever heard of a face made for radio?

I’ll stop there for now.  But don’t worry, I have so much more to complain about.  I’ll also look into some ways that I can improve the situation.  A proactive approach rather than the prescriptive.

Now for some good Radio in your Head


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