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A Moment


                                                    Clear your mind




P.s. Take some time for yourself 


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Hidey Hi ya’ll!!!

Have fun kiddies

Have fun kiddies

I’m back!  I figured I might need to write a bit o bloggity blags to keep people entertained at their boring jobs.  Plus I’ve got nothing better to do at the moment.

Does anyone listen to art music (commonly called classical)?  I sure do! Even though I’m in a band that is far FAR away from anything like it.  I’ve found it to be a nice little social experiment at work to put CBC on and just wait for people to comment.  I’ve been surprised in the last few days by the amount of co-workers who are into classical music.  I’ve also been told by the nice older ladies ‘how wonderful it is for a young man to have good taste’.

But today was the clincher.  I had one of the nice older ladies come up to me and tell me that ‘this opera music, just isn’t good’.  I was startled because it was a Haydn symphonia with no singing at all…so not opera.  Whatever old lady, you probably listen to Benny Goodman…psha!


p.s. I’m a pretentious music boy

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Midget Western


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We’re recording on Thursday! Yee aah! 3 songs. A. Poor Boy 2. Now Now and D. Spanish Banks.

It’ll sound like something great alright. See you soon. and now some crazy photos!

laterfriends! Voyno.

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So the rumors ended up only being rumors.

We thought we were moving into another direction. Kind of scary but kind of exciting, but then it was all for naught. Now there’s less work involved but then again, there’s really more work involved. The same sounds and ideas are still in place, we just need to hold true to our vision. That is really what we ALWAYS should be doing. Believing yourself and staying true to your vision. Mmmoohkay.

So we’re recording this Wednesday and Thursday. Fo Real, we’re booked in and everyting. Ting!

The plan has changed a few times, but that was when we were supposto go in in February, then in March, so now it seems we’ll only do a few tracks. Raw. Black Lips Raw.

Also new father Kevin McGowan has just released the ArmsUp featured Ruckus Podcasts! Yes we get props for introducing this important music man onto the soundscape of Saskatchewan. Our friends Volcanoless in Canada and Deep Dark Woods will be on it as well. Good times.


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A Celebration

Hi hi hi oh my brothers,

Smile and rejoice because the day is finally here!  Well I will smile and rejoice at least, even if you aren’t in the same position.  Today is my last day of school (as a student) after 17 long years I’m being released, so joy joy joy!

Some other things that are happy:  Spring is fast approaching! (Which means longboarding)  Summer comes after Spring! (Which means BBQs)  Next week we’ll be in the studio!!! (Which means new songs)

Now to contradict all of this hapiness I wrote some blues lyrics so here we go:

 I had me a woman just so sweet you see
I had someone to hold oh so tenderly
I had me a woman just so sweet yeah yeah
But she’s movin on across that big blue sea

Its that big ol jet plane that’s causing me this sorrow
You see I just couldn’t beg steal or borrow
Enough of your money to follow you through
I just don’t know my people I just don’t know
What it is I’m going to do

And here is some real blues music:


p.s. Don’t worry if she left.  She knows that its good on this side of the fence.


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Tanya Davis

Listen to the guitar tone!

I found Tanya Davis via our Twitter feed.  Wow.  She’s great.  The thing I dig most is the way her guitar tone and her voice interact.  It sounds like she is playing right next to me.  No bullshit, just cool words and fresh guitar.  So dope.  Also check out the video.

Oh happy day.  Remember you’re creating history.  Don’t lose your step cuz you really can’t.

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