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A New Years Peach

Feel the golden light glow

of man possessed by

the mustachio!

"Happy New Year" -Handy Andy

"Happy New Year Dick Tree" -Handy the stache' Andy

until next year

we shall see

another side

of andy the stache’

and you

dick tree


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Happy New Year! it’s ARMSUP!

Stay focused!

Greetings and Salutations,

today is New Years Eve!!!! the year has puffed by.

2008 has been fun for us. We came a long way, got in some fights, lost some members, nearly broke up, then got it together again, and are rolling like a freight train coming for you.

2009 will be our best year yet.

We jammed the other day and it reminded me of why we started playing music in the first place. IT IS FUN!!!! When Snowdove, Heavy, Handy and I are in a room together we break it down like gangbusters.maaafaaaaa.

Tell your friends we’re taking over!


peace, love, and happiness

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ArmsUp News

Hi hi hi oh my brothers,

A new week begins and with it the year ends.  A new year ends and with it ArmsUp becomes the biggest band around.  I feel it.  Do you?

News for the week then right oh.

1. We hit up the studio with our rebellious leader Josh Palmer and put Midnight to the mixing board.  Wow it sounds good and YOU can hear it on the Myspace.  Go listen now.  GO!

2.  With all of the X-mas celebrations we’ve been busy not being a band.  Its nice to have a break but I think all of us are beginning to feel the urge to jam growing in our hearts.

3.  A new song also started its furtive journey into the world this week.  An interesting event had Voyno, Heavy and myself working on it.  I’m ready for it to be finished so that all ya’ll can hears it and tell me what you think.


p.s. 500 pieces means 500 float.  1000 people means 500 don’t

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Snow Psychedelia

I awoke this morning via text message.

My sister wanted to know who sang “ain’t no sunshine” the classic song whom many people mistakenly attribute to Al Green.  Initially I was perturbed by the whole situation, but then I took a look outside.

It’s snowing! Like the kind of snow that falls in the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. It feels like Narnia.

With the falling snow, the grey sky, and the warmth of my home it all points to staying inside and reading. Over Christmas I was lucky enough to receive the Rolling Stone Interviews. A book which chronicles the best Rolling Stone Interviews of the last 40 years. I’ve only read a few parts and already I feel that I’ve been given a great secret. Today is a great day.

Bye friends,

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Time time time

Welly welly welly welly everyone,

How went your day of yester? Mine was quite enjoyable though fleeting at best.  I notice that it is Friday today…who knew in this hectic season of rush rush rush.

Review for today is Christmas itself.  I won’t get into the fact that Christmas has gone from a season of peace, love and happiness, giving to those who need it and sharing great times with family to that of the season where stores can sell more crap, people get incredibly cranky and families are forced to see each other for another year.

My thoughts are with the whole build up to the day.  Some time post Thanksgiving (and in Canada that is a whole month earlier than the U.S.) the Christmas decorations start flying up.  There isn’t even snow on the ground and we’re being forced to think about presents and budgets for the holiday season.  Then as December trundles along we start slowing down in work and school looking forward to the bid day.  Trees go up, presents get wrapped and parties are everywhere.

Then in a short 24 hours its all over.  Boxing day is upon us, work not far behind and the storm is rushing about again.  If only that tiny epicenter could last for an entire week.

Get your Christmas nerd on my children


p.s. if anyone needs a sweater I got 30 or so yesterday

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Christmas is Here

Hi hi hi oh my brothers,

Today is Xmas so the blog stops here

This would look better after drinking it

This would look better after drinking it


P.s. New scarves rock! 

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Well I Made That Better

Hi hi hi oh my friends,

Well after the poor days that have preceded this, I thought that I could rant and let some steam off but…I had a great day yesterday & that’s better than being angry

First off, Voyno did a great job of catching my bold blog blunder which I’m certainly thankful for.  I can’t imagine trying to read this crap with it all in bold print.

Secondly, I went to the old vinyl shop and caught some tasty treats.   Curtis Mayfield’s ‘Superfly’, The Beatles’ ‘Let it Be’ (which is on the turntable right this instant), Ludwig van’s Symphony 9, and Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake’ (which was on this morning whilst I lay in bed).  To make these purchases even better is the fact that classical records are dirt cheap.  ‘Let it Be’ cost more than both Beethoven and Tchaikovsky together!

The third thing that rocked about yesterday is that I am for surely done Christmas shopping and there are no worries for me until the big day.

I’m not sure where we were in Frosty but I hope this finishes it.


p.s. watch out for face snow my children

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