Arms Up are a trio formed in 2007. The remains of the day are left. Weathered like their worn winter skin. From lifting, and sweating, and slipping through countless wind chill gigs. To rock, to jam, to just play and have some fun.

If U2’s guitar wail and John Paul Jones’ messianic keys made love and raised their child on a steady diet of Dr. Dre and Pixies is what Arms Up sound like.

‘Tell Everyone’ is their newest 3P release (3P = 3 new songs every 3 months).

The New Rockstar Philosophy is their label.

Contact Arms Up @ armsup@gmail.com


One response to “Tuoba

  1. Tom

    I run a website that showcases new bands.

    We shoot videos of new bands playing live and we also post videos the bands have done themselves.

    I came across your blog and listened to a couple of songs. You’re great. I’m wondering, do you have any videos you might share with the world?

    Here’s a taste of what we’re about:


    Tom @bluecometcafe.com