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Happy New Year!!!

We wish you some good lucks in the new year!

SnowDove,Voyno, & Handy, ArmsUp

p.s. I was sick of Auld Lang Syne after last year.


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Time For Tea

Welly welly welly,

How many of you drink tea?  We sure do.  Besides it being a sure fire way to warm up your innards on a frigidly cold December day it also tastes damn good.

I have, just recently, discovered a new brand of tea (to myself it is new at least) that kicks some great quality out of the cup.  They be called Two Leaves and a Bud check the link for more info.  I’ve had 3 different kinds of tea from them and I’ve been impressed with each one.  Even strange things like peppermint which I don’t usually drink are tasty.

Lovely Rita! When will you be free to take some tea with me?


p.s. the kettle is boiling and I’ve gotta jet.

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News Flash

Happy Tuesday to you,

Let me give you the top secret information about ArmsUp:

1. Tour this weekend with These Hands (keep your eyes on SnowDove and Voyno’s Twitters
-Friday Jan 1 Regina, O’Hanlons,
-Saturday Jan 2 Calgary, The Marquee Room
-Monday Jan 4 Edmonton, The Hydeaway
-Tuesday Jan 5 Medicine Hat,  The Ottoman Lounge

2. We’re cooking up another 3p based on our Holidays which will be out soon soon soon.

3. Any Ya’ll got a van you’d like to sell us cheap cheap?  We’d like some fresh transportation.


p.s. check us out if you live nearby the tour tracks.

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Music Monday: Mos Def


Hey hey hey ya’ll,

Well I’m back from my blogging vacation.  I figured since I was on such a roll (3 straight months with no breaks) that I could let it all slide for a couple of days while I enjoyed Christmas.

But I’m back to keep the train rolling.  This week is going to be hectic for us, I think.  But I’m confident we’ll get everything together and make a big splash next weekend.

Music Monday you all chant.  That’s what we’re here for so a little less chitter-chatter a little more gettin’ atter.

Last week I checked out Pitchfork’s top 100 albums of 2009 and found Mos Def’s The Ecstatic somewhere in the middle.  I downloaded it due to the favorable reviews and let’s just say, that it is awesome.  I’m thinking it’s the intense mixture of rapping, vocals and kick ass production that keep me listening to it so much.


p.s. I’m back with a vengeance

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Music Monday: Deerhunter

I’ma tellya right here and right now there ain’t nothin’ more classy than killin’ deerts in video games.  It’s perfect for the off season when they won’t let ya kill the real thing.

But seriously, I’m here to talk about Deerhunter the band.  They rock, they trip ya out and they make some kick ace music.


p.s. Egg nog in my rum in my rum in my rum. YUM!!

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Photo Friday: Fog

Foggy Tree

Foggy London

London Fog


p.s. If you brought me a london fog it would make me very happy.

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Good Coffee

Hey hey hey,

Now doesn’t that look just wonderful?  I’m betting that most non-coffee drinkers would agree that picture is a nice looking drink.  Might even try a bit if you don’t mind me doing so.

Yes good coffee if a great thing.  It doesn’t take a whole lot to get started in drinking quality and it doesn’t take much practice either.  I did it so I’m sure the rest of you can.

First off, get rid of your gigantic canisters of coffee!  Coffee doesn’t keep forever and those enormous cans are for serving hundreds of people.

Secondly, go get some good beans that you can grind (in a grinder or blender).  This way you can enjoy the flavour and freshness.

After that it’s your choice.  Do you go for a coffee press?  Just keep the nice drip maker you have, or splurge on an espresso machine.  Like I said, it’s your choice.

Just tryin to help your day out a bit.


p.s. I hope you didn’t watch that Java Jive crap, it’s so annoying.


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