Radio Garbage II

Welly welly welly there oh my brothers,


I’m back to rant and rave about my hatred of radio stations.  Especially those in Saskatoon that drive me absolutely insane.  Last time I told you of my distaste regarding radio voices.  This time its all about the amount of time spent playing music.

To lay this down properly we’ll start with how a radio station labels itself.  Generally it goes by the genre of music it plays IE:THE rock station, ‘playing only the hits’, or talk radio.  When I pick a station I go on that name basis.  I like rock music so I pick the rock station and expect to hear some rock music right?  Wrong!

The massive consumer machine of developed countries has pushed music from the radio!  Now the stations are more interested in playing commercials (which make them money) rather than music.  So tuning into the rock station finds me listening to commercials the vast majority of the time.  I actually timed it out one day at work.  At the top of the hour is a short 2-3 minute news segment (because the major events in today’s world really only need 2-3 minutes[and most of the stories should be about celebrities rather than financial crises or wars]).  Then an annoying ‘radio voiced’ announcer/DJ comes and talks for 5 minutes (notice that they get more time to talk about their lives than the news gets).  This is followed by 10 minutes of music and then 15 minutes of commercials…FULL STOP!!!

How is it that music gets 10 minutes per half hour?  Shouldn’t the radio station be called “The Best Commercials Of Today” rather than “The Best Rock Of Today”?  Exactly

That’s why ipods are so awesome:



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