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New Music – Look Left

There’s no categorize for shameless self-promotion…is there? The moral quandaries perspire. This summer is getting hot. My shirt is dirty but my hands are clean. It’s time for new music.

Download Here – download our new 3.P. – Look Left –

Q:What’s a 3.P?
A: 3 new songs every 3 months.

Q: Why not an album?
A: Albums are too expensive for our broke asses. We have new music weez want it out now.

Q: When are you playing next?
A: For sure @ on Aug 22 with VIC possibly. In Stoon. Regina’s being worked on asap. As is Ottawa. wink.

Q: What’s this New Rockstar Philosophy everybody’s talking about?
A: It’s a music industry website, resource, and free ebook, for band’s functioning in the internet world.

Q: When get I get a physical disc?
A: You can purchase them at shows, or send us an email armsup (at) gmail (dot) com and we’ll get it together.

Junewasfun. V.


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MJ You Rock!

So if you are completly oblivious to your surroundings you might not know that Michael Jackson died today.

Let’s just all keep in mind that he had a family that has been left behind and a legacy that can be judged as fantastic.  Musicians such as that guy cannot be found everywhere.

The man could dance!


p.s. James Brown used to be the man you’d look to for the newest dance.

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New Song – Now Now Now

Look Left iTunes Artwork

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Arms Up -3P – Look Left – Is Out Today*

That’s right friends, Look Left is out today… for our email list friends first. So if you haven’t signed up you haven’t got our newest 3P in your inbox.

What’s a 3P you ask?

Well, if you’re familiar with The New Rockstar Philosophy and you’ve downloaded the free book of the same name, you’ll know. For those that haven’t had the chance yet, allow me to illuminate the topic.

The 3P is a new concept in music. As the way we share music has changed, because of file trading and torrents, we believe so should artists. So a 3P is a three or four song EP that comes out every three or four months. We get to make more music more often and it’s waaayyy cheaper.

For more info download the book.

So yeah to get the 3P email us and ask us!!!! We’re friendly guys, even handy. – Ask for the 3P.

I would like to have a beer with Mr. Waits.


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Music Monday – UUVVWWZ

I found UUVVWWZ via Fluxblog. It’s really fresh. The song “Castles” has just the perfect amount of annoying-ness to pretty ration. To me the song, and the band, sound like a new generations  Kim Deal. Enjoy.

UUVVWWZ – Castles

in other news: We’ve got the art “Look Left” our 3P. Send us your email and you’ll get it!



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Janie’s Got A Gun

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The Original Is Best

I've seen it and I agree.


p.s. The 3p is near my friends, I can hear its laboured breath in the dark.

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