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Happy Earth Day


p.s. walk or ride your bike to work today.


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Cover This: Like a Rolling Stone

Just sayin’


p.s. Bwah ha hah SowDove is how I signed it the first time.

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Photo Friday: Showtime!!!


p.s. Come to the show tonight 9:30 at Louis’

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Listening Parties

Music is all around us!

Why then would we need to listen to music any more?  Well it’s quite simple friends, quite simple indeed.  While the radio might be on all day at work and in your car.  While you might have an ipod with loads of great music on it for your day.  Or maybe you just listen to streaming internet radio we all need a chance to judge the music we listen to.

Tonight us boyos are having a listening party.  We’ve only just started this but we’ve set up a few rules.  Everyone brings a song, songs, or album and a reason why we are listening to it.  That way everyone can get together on the same wavelength and hopefully cut through all of the music we listen to everyday.


p.s. And I couldn’t think of anything to write this morning.

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Machine Gun

I finally understand the song Machine Gun by Jimi Hendrix. Its a voodoo blues jam. It comes from the world of a funeral dirge yet its really life coming through the sadness.

Machine gun,
tearin’ my body all apart.
Machine gun,yeah,
tearin’ my body all apart.

Great song, great jam.

We had fun jamming last night. More to come.


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Pushing The Limits

Good day ya’ll,

So the midweek has struck again.  As per every Wednesday we’re playing tonight so if you’re doing nothing then come on out.  Even if you have to leave on a stupid, boring trip the next day you should suck it up and come out to check out the amazing leaps and bounds we’ve made in the past month.

Tonight we’re going to be pushing the limits of the band.  Every week of this show we have, so far, added a new song to the set.  Every week of this show we have, so far, done a damn good job of playing the new song.  So this week will be no different and you should really come on out to see:
Rock ‘n’ Roll Raccoons
Train Car Hopping
10th St Taxman
Now Now.
4 of ArmsUp’s most cutting edge songs, on the very cusp of where we want the music of this band to go.

Push the limits and come check out tonight’s show.


p.s. So ret it out and ret it in

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Electric Miles

Howdy hi ya’ll,

Many appyollyogies to anyone who wanted to read some ArmsUp/SnowDove stuff yesterday.   I was being lazy and overwhelmed with homework.  But I’m back on track today and I’ve got some interesting stuff to talk about.

Some of you might know that my first love of music was for Jazz which changed through high school to the golden age of rock and then into the ‘indie scene‘ I live in now.  But as of late I’ve revisited my Jazz roots and have been looking so much closer at the Fusion era that was so tasty yet so overwhelming for a young high school student.

First up is my favorite jazz musician of ALL time Miles Davis.  I just recently got a dvd from the library documenting Miles’ transition from the jazz of the 60s to his controversial electronic jazz in the 70s and 80s.  The question has come up on the NewRockstar Blog about Kanye’s risque move to singing.  The same question was raised when Bob Dylan decided to plug in and it was there when Miles pluged in his band in 1969.

The thing is, Miles made it work.  Bitches Brew was the best selling jazz album ever at the time.  Miles gathered an entirely new market to the jazz world, namely that of rock loving youth who were in love with bands like The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Who and The Beatles.

Here is a success story if you’ve ever needed to see one.  Miles Davis Band at the Isle of Wight Concert 1970.


p.s.”Dreamt” is the only English word that ends in the letters “mt”

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