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Yup, ants, like the lil picnic stealers or ridiculously hard workers.  Whichever you wish to think of them as.

One thing before we get started:  Ant. Aunt. Why do we say them the same? The extra ‘u’ should certainly change the pronunciation.


p.s. those are some hard workers.


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A Raised Brow

People keep telling me I always have an eyebrow raised I guess I’m skeptical of their thoughts.

Tonight we’re recording some more drums, maybe even all the rest of the instruments, who knows?

This has been percolating in my brain for a while for some reason.


p.s. Vocal harmonies are so damn important.

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So I got a new computer not long ago.  It is the awe and wonder of all my friends.

The only reason I tell you this (aside from it being a super awesome event in my life) is that I’ve been re-making my iTunes library and I stumbled upon a wonderful band I listened to long long ago:

Give it some time to build and you’ll be amazed at the entire groups’ abilities.


p.s. how many crayons do you think I can fit into my nose today?

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iPod Nano time

Good day to ya’ll,

I hope it is indeed a good day. Mine went pretty well though I was thwarted in my attempts to buy text books. You won’t catch even the patient SnowDove standing in a 100 person line waiting to buy boring texts.

So Hoover, Heavy, Voyno and I have been talking about a bit of a technology section of the blog. We all deal in laptops, iPods, and the internet so why not give our thoughts on these various technological terrors.  So let’s begin with my new toy.

She's pretty

She's pretty

I chose the red one because I’m a supporter of the whole product(red) initiative. I also upped my old nano from 4GB to the more impressive 16GB.  I’m still strapped for space which will only be solved with a gigantic 40GB iPod which I’m not really in the mood for saving for.

Features that rock:
1.Genius is right on my ipod now. No need to make a list on itunes then transfer it over to the ipod and all that garbage. Just click the button.

2. Shape and size. Both matter. It is nice to be able to slip this thing in wherever I want.

3. Colour. Who can’t be impressed by my fantastically bold red ipod. It catches eyes like no other. Purple looks great as well and my dad likes the green so you have some options there.

Things that are Meh:
1. Shake to shuffle. woo hoo now I can shake my ipod and it will shuffle to the next song. This is such a minor and unecessary option.

2. Cover flow. I thought that I’d like being able to use the cover flow on my ipod but its not that amazing and I’m not impressed even though I am only missing 2 albums worth of cover art.

Those are my thoughts on ipods.

Peace,Love& GoodVibes

p.s. That’s no moon, its a space station 

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