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Three Should Be Enough

Let’s finish off our jazz festival updates for the week.  I’m still very excited about all of these shows coming to Saskatoon.

ROY HARGROVE: Is a fantastic trumpet player. Discovered by Herbie Hancock for an all Texas jazz band when he was still in high school, and never stopping since then.  He has true jazz combos and his hip-hop infused RH factor. All around an amazing trumpet player. He plays June 27.

LOS LOBOS: An L.A. based group that mixes styles (from blues & rockabilly to latin) with political themes. They’ve played the jazz fest here a few times and have always put on a great show. They play the 27th as well


p.s. So many great bands.


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Music Monday: Jazz Fest

If you are from Saskatoon you probably know about the jazz festival.  If you don’t, try pulling your head out of the ground and checking out some live music in your community.

The jazz fest goes from June 25-July 4 and has some amazing acts.  Honestly I wouldn’t be far off from claiming that this is one of the best jazz festivals in Canada, even with Vancouver and Montreal.

THE DOWNCHILD BLUES BAND: These cats inspired the Blues Brothers. Pretty dope I’d say. Check them out on the 25th

THE POWDER BLUES BAND: 30 years of making music. If you need some time on the road to play the blues right, they probably know how to do it. They open for Downchild


p.s. I’ll have more Jazz fest tomorrow.

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Music Monday: Fever Ray

Hey hey hey,

So Monday returns and it seems music hasn’t ever left.  Have you heard Fever Ray?  I have, maybe not enough though.  This band fits truly into the new style of indie band.  They sound like nothing else (Sort of like The Dirty Projectors sound like nothing else).  Until now I haven’t been able to understand Fever Ray but I’m sure there is something in the music that I can be made to understand after a million listens or so.

Try it out for yourself.


p.s. Def Leppard can suck balls for all I care.

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Thom Yorke?

This has all just rushed back into my head from the past few days:

1. Thom Yorke is doing a song for the next Twilight movie…wtf?

2. What the hell happened on The Eraser?  None of those songs remotely touches the greatness of Radiohead

3. Don’t forget that we play in Regina at O’Hanlon’s Friday Aug 28th


p.s. Thom Yorke does an amazing vocal performance regardless. Or is it irregardless? JK.

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So I got a new computer not long ago.  It is the awe and wonder of all my friends.

The only reason I tell you this (aside from it being a super awesome event in my life) is that I’ve been re-making my iTunes library and I stumbled upon a wonderful band I listened to long long ago:

Give it some time to build and you’ll be amazed at the entire groups’ abilities.


p.s. how many crayons do you think I can fit into my nose today?

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Some Great Music

Here is what I’m listening to right now:


p.s. Mr. Bird I’ll play in your band if you want.

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New Music – Look Left

There’s no categorize for shameless self-promotion…is there? The moral quandaries perspire. This summer is getting hot. My shirt is dirty but my hands are clean. It’s time for new music.

Download Here – download our new 3.P. – Look Left –

Q:What’s a 3.P?
A: 3 new songs every 3 months.

Q: Why not an album?
A: Albums are too expensive for our broke asses. We have new music weez want it out now.

Q: When are you playing next?
A: For sure @ on Aug 22 with VIC possibly. In Stoon. Regina’s being worked on asap. As is Ottawa. wink.

Q: What’s this New Rockstar Philosophy everybody’s talking about?
A: It’s a music industry website, resource, and free ebook, for band’s functioning in the internet world.

Q: When get I get a physical disc?
A: You can purchase them at shows, or send us an email armsup (at) gmail (dot) com and we’ll get it together.

Junewasfun. V.

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