You Can Probably Do It

Really all you need to record these days is a computer, a program that captures sounds, and a mic.  That’s what we’ve got and that’s how we recorded Bleary To New Zealand.  Some helpful hints from what we’ve learned though:

1. Set time schedules to keep on track.  It is easy to say you’ll do it tomorrow or on your day off and then forget or just not feel like it.  You won’t have that studio bill on your mind if you’re at home

2. Try new mic placements all the time.  Most likely nobody knows how they actually work in your band so trying new things might show you how not to place them or the perfect placement for drums, vocals or hand claps.

3. Learn how to use your program.  If you use protools, take a couple of minutes each time to read though the manual.  Then take whatever you’ve picked up and try to practice it that recording session.  Once you’ve learned it teach others how to do whatever it is as well and then soon you’ll have a bunch of able technicians.


p.s. My tracks tonight and we’re done…hopefully.


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