But How Does It Sound?

I’ve noticed that image plays a huge role in many musicians lives.  Amps look so great, guitars have that awesome finish, and wow you can see through the drums!  Sometimes we even get caught up looking for the same gear as someone else because they look great playing it.  But how does it sound?

I’ve seen drumsets that look terrible but sound perfect.  That is truly what counts in a band, isn’t it?  So don’t get caught picking your gear because it has a tweed covering or sunburst finish.  The colours only take you so far.


p.s. Handy uses one take almost every time!



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4 responses to “But How Does It Sound?

  1. hehe, that’s true.. it’s the inside that counts 😀

  2. Pat

    You should be paying Handy way more than he gets now.

  3. v

    FFFFFFFTHAT! I like my amps like I like my guitars pretty and ppppppppphat!

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