They say we need to be drinking 8 glasses of water per day.  8 glasses per day!  That is a substantial amount of water to be driving into your guts.  It’s all very important though since most of our bodies are made up of water or cells that should be full of water.  So get drinkin’

A couple of things that might help. 1. Get a water bottle so you are never far away from the good stuff.  Plus you can tell just how much water you’ve drank even if your unit of measurement is water bottles. 2. Remember that other things have water in them as well and can help ie: orange juice, tea, watermelon etc.


p.s. don’t drown


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One response to “H2Ooooooh

  1. Pat

    “don’t drown”

    As a life guard is that all the advice you can give?

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