I know from music that the space you add between notes adds greatly to the importance of the notes themselves.  Beethoven did it.  Miles Davis did it. What more do you need you greedy fools?

I therefore suggest to you to start taking some rest.  It might mean more sleep.  8 hours are recommended but more are needed if you work out or do lots of strenuous labour. It might also mean that you start taking naps during your day.  Winston Churchill took an hour long nap every day during World War II so if you feel your day is that stressful then grab some shut eye quick.

We can’t forget our minds.  If you are in school, learning new things at work or use your brain all day then you need to rest up the old thinking box.  Find a nice brainless activity like t.v. to enjoy.  Maybe try some meditation or find a hobby that allows you to relax.

Chiiillllll Winston


p.s. Yawn


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