Cell Phone Attachment

We’ve all seen it.  We’ve probably all done it too!

Cell phones have their advantages certainly.  Call home and see if there are enough eggs to make a kische, call your GF to tell her that the snow is horrendous and you’ll be a while longer.  Of course with each new development (Text messages, Instant messages, emails, internet) new social graces become necessary. It isn’t polite to text in the middle of a conversation and you shouldn’t talk on your phone during a movie.

But do we really need our phones with us ALL of the time?  I’m talking the crazies who, while running at the gym, have their phones out sending text messages.  Or even better yet the lady who comes to the pool and brings her blackberry in a plastic bag so that she can send off messages after every lap.  Now I will admit that there are certain situations (your wife is expecting any moment, or you are a doctor on call) in which you might need your phone glued to you.  But for the rest of us let’s have some patience and enjoy the time away from our social network.


p.s. Why does Beyonce make me think of cell phones? Iunno how is Beyonce so damn good?


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