How Pretty is Winter?

I know the first things people usually think about when Winter is brought up aren’t very happy.  Shoveling loads of snow, cars not starting, icy roads, more darkness than usual, getting sick.

All of those negatives combined make Winter an unhappy time.  I’ve seen pretty much everyone I work with getting sick or grumpy or grumpy and sick.  Eeeeesh my friends, we’ll never make it alive if we all act this way.

Think Positive!!!

Winter has so many potential beauties that people seem to ignore:
-The Stars in winter and the moon are so much clearer.  Check them out some night.
-Freshly laid snow means new tracks from animals and that sturdy chap that walks everywhere.
-Tea, coffee and hot chocolate are way more enjoyable when they warm you up from the chill outdoors.


p.s. Hoar frost inspired this post


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