I know that most people don’t like history at all.  Usually because some stodgy lame lamp teacher stood at the front of a classroom and droned on about a million different dates when stuff happened.  Maybe even that teacher taught your parents and you were raised believing that history would be boring.  I was gifted with zany teachers who invented board games, talked in accents, and showed us interesting movies.

Regardless of your background in history I recommend that now is the time to look back into it.  During the beginning of this recent/current recession the news continued to compare the financial situation to the Depression.  Had anyone looked back at the 30s they’d realize that the news was back at their fear mongery.

So, to make yourself a wee bit smarter in any situation, try  picking a topic (Musicians you like, World Wars, Communism, Tanks, Airplanes, Guns, etc.) and read up on it.  The history channel also has loads of interesting programs that could help you think of something.


p.s. John Wesley Hardin was real if ya didn’t know.


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