Books II

Good day,

I’ve been reading loads of books lately.  So many in fact that people can’t even keep up with what book I’m on, though I bet Handy reads more than I do and none of his books are fictional.  So here are some opinions of mine about the books I’ve read.

Fight Club: Chuck Palahniuk
You’ve probably seen the movie which is where I was but I wanted to see if the book might be better/worse.  Surprisingly enough I wasn’t disappointed in either direction.  Not like some books that were made into movies (Peter Jackson).  The book is about…anarchy and soap so it’s a dirty clean read.

Young Stalin: Simon Sebag Montefiore
This book was great!  I read it fast because I couldn’t put it down.  Stalin led a pretty exciting life and the way it is presented in this volume is exciting and almost fictional.  It does have great source notes however and many hours of research went into it so all in all its a gooder.

Red Dragon: Thomas Harris
Exciting I thought.  Exciting it was not.  Well I shouldn’t be so harsh.  The book was fast paced, interesting and had some crazy people in it.  Harris revealed way too much far too early for me.  It was the third chapter and I wasn’t guessing anything anymore, just waiting for the story to unfold.  The pace was off kilter too.  Nothing happens for chapter after chapter and then in the last quarter of the book all hell breaks loose.


p.s. There were more books but I can’t find cover photos for them


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