Cookin With SnowDove

I enjoy cooking.  It’s one of those skills that come in handy.  You can impress the ladies, and your grandma will like you more.  Plus it is of course a necessity when you are a growing boy like myself.

I’m not going to give you any recipes today or probably ever but you can learn from observation.  What is your favorite dish?  I tend to go for eggs.  So here’s what you do.  Make em sometime, experiment with spices, added flavours anything you might think that will add to the dish.  Then when you go out to a restaurant  observe the way they make it.  Does it have extra pepper?  Did they cut it differently.

Then all you gotsa do is try it for yourself.


p.s. Cookin With The Miles Davis Quintet is a pretty dope album.


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  1. Pat

    The Swedish chef looks a bit like Andy.

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