Tour Tips: Maps

We're playing The Green Dragon next

I’ll quit talking about the tour as soon as I find something else to take my mind off of it.  But I thought, in the vein of The New Rockstar Philosophy, we might use our experiences to help anyone else out for their tours.

Today’s topics are maps and directions.

Don’t hope you’ll be magnetically drawn to the gig especially if you are going to a city that is bigger than your own and nobody has really be there before.  You need a map, maybe two and if you can get some wifi (which shouldn’t be hard because most truck stops have it now) use google maps and get some directions.

Once you have a map make sure it is up to date.  Nothing is worse than trying to find a club on 115th st and discovering instead that your map only goes to 28th st.  Once again google maps is updated quite frequently so you could print it off.

The final point to be made for maps is that you should read your directions over while following the map.  All of which should be done before you are flung onto a super highway and don’t have the ability to change lanes quickly.  Maybe note annoyances such as traffic circles as well…the same damn traffic circle has gotten us twice now.


p.s. why is that ‘werewolf’ guy from twilight so unhairy? Tolkien wouldn’t have made that mistake.


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