Good Coffee

Hey hey hey,

Now doesn’t that look just wonderful?  I’m betting that most non-coffee drinkers would agree that picture is a nice looking drink.  Might even try a bit if you don’t mind me doing so.

Yes good coffee if a great thing.  It doesn’t take a whole lot to get started in drinking quality and it doesn’t take much practice either.  I did it so I’m sure the rest of you can.

First off, get rid of your gigantic canisters of coffee!  Coffee doesn’t keep forever and those enormous cans are for serving hundreds of people.

Secondly, go get some good beans that you can grind (in a grinder or blender).  This way you can enjoy the flavour and freshness.

After that it’s your choice.  Do you go for a coffee press?  Just keep the nice drip maker you have, or splurge on an espresso machine.  Like I said, it’s your choice.

Just tryin to help your day out a bit.


p.s. I hope you didn’t watch that Java Jive crap, it’s so annoying.



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2 responses to “Good Coffee

  1. Erin

    This was very helpful…I’ve had some poor coffee choices and this last giant bin has been terrible…now do you recommend a hand grinder of automatic???
    Bad Coffee on 5th

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