Sleepy Time

Yesterday I heard on the news that 15 Million people in Canada have had their H1N1 shot. Which, seeing as how the 2006 census counted around 32 million people, is quite close to half.  Well I know Handy isn’t jumping on this flu shot train, and I’m not either.  Never had one, not quite sure why we’re all so freaked out at the moment.

How do we stay healthy?  Well the mustache eats loads of raw onions and garlic (no joke at all) which makes him even more attractive (now that was a joke).  I on the other hand try to maintain a well balanced regimen of sleep.  It makes more sense to miss half a day of work so that you can sleep in, than missing weeks of work and then having to catch up.  But then, the biggest joke might be me talking about work.

Stay healthy my friends!


p.s. the census isn’t all that easy to understand and I have a pretty good education.


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