Musical Movie Monday

Last I checked it’s Monday, but I can get these things wrong too.  Regardless of my chronological disabilities, Voyno, Hoover, JP, Silviu and I went to the new Michael Jackson movie This Is It last night.  Goooooood Times.

Pros:  Seeing Michael Jackson outside of the immediate media spotlight was wonderful.  That cat knew his music inside and out and made sure each dancer and musician knew it too.  I also liked that he wanted his in ear monitors to give him the sound that the audience was hearing.

Cons:  It was more about dancing than music. If you’re a dancer you’d call that a pro but I don’t dance.  The movie was loooooong, and my bored mind could have done with some more stimulation of some sort.

Here is a video from Voyno:


p.s. keep an eye on The New Rockstar Philisophy for a Michael Jackson post.

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