Thom Yorke?

This has all just rushed back into my head from the past few days:

1. Thom Yorke is doing a song for the next Twilight movie…wtf?

2. What the hell happened on The Eraser?  None of those songs remotely touches the greatness of Radiohead

3. Don’t forget that we play in Regina at O’Hanlon’s Friday Aug 28th


p.s. Thom Yorke does an amazing vocal performance regardless. Or is it irregardless? JK.


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One response to “Thom Yorke?

  1. jokerwoman

    You can’t compare Thom Yorke to Radiohead…
    The Eraser was a solo album, and, of course, it’s not as complete as Rh albums, i agree. But Thom has offered us a great album though.
    Years pass, and i start to wonder…would Jonny be the real genius of RH??
    I totally agree for twilight, wtf…

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