New Music – Look Left

There’s no categorize for shameless self-promotion…is there? The moral quandaries perspire. This summer is getting hot. My shirt is dirty but my hands are clean. It’s time for new music.

Download Here – download our new 3.P. – Look Left –

Q:What’s a 3.P?
A: 3 new songs every 3 months.

Q: Why not an album?
A: Albums are too expensive for our broke asses. We have new music weez want it out now.

Q: When are you playing next?
A: For sure @ on Aug 22 with VIC possibly. In Stoon. Regina’s being worked on asap. As is Ottawa. wink.

Q: What’s this New Rockstar Philosophy everybody’s talking about?
A: It’s a music industry website, resource, and free ebook, for band’s functioning in the internet world.

Q: When get I get a physical disc?
A: You can purchase them at shows, or send us an email armsup (at) gmail (dot) com and we’ll get it together.

Junewasfun. V.


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