Arms Up -3P – Look Left – Is Out Today*

That’s right friends, Look Left is out today… for our email list friends first. So if you haven’t signed up you haven’t got our newest 3P in your inbox.

What’s a 3P you ask?

Well, if you’re familiar with The New Rockstar Philosophy and you’ve downloaded the free book of the same name, you’ll know. For those that haven’t had the chance yet, allow me to illuminate the topic.

The 3P is a new concept in music. As the way we share music has changed, because of file trading and torrents, we believe so should artists. So a 3P is a three or four song EP that comes out every three or four months. We get to make more music more often and it’s waaayyy cheaper.

For more info download the book.

So yeah to get the 3P email us and ask us!!!! We’re friendly guys, even handy. – Ask for the 3P.

I would like to have a beer with Mr. Waits.



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