Positive Thinking

Good Morning everyone,

Good Morning everyone (On the Moon)

Good Morning everyone (On the Moon)

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for ages but just never got around to doing so.  Even now, I’m not sure if the wonderfully diversion ridden internet will allow me to finish without being sidetracked down a gallery of amazing pictures or some far off corner of wikipedia

Positive thinking is a big thing for both Voyno and I.  The fact of the matter is that the mind is a powerful ally indeed and can make our daily lives so much better.  It takes lots of effort to do this, but if you can be positive during the day then you are on the right path. Having a positive outlook on life is the Key to a relaxed atmosphere and good vibes. 

As a quick skill to practice you can try this once a day first thing in the morning:
-As soon as you turn your brain on and it slowly fires up away from the sleep fog you need only to think one positive thought.  Most people wake up and think “Uh it’s Tuesday and I have work/school”  Sure that’s true but with that as your beginning thought of the day, let’s face it, that will be the plan and mood for the entire day. 

So instead, when you wake up tomorrow morning think of one good/great thing that will happen that day.  It can be so simple or a major event:
– “Yes! I’m going to have waffles this morning instead of cereal.”  Or “Yes! I’m going to do so much work today that I’ll be set for the weekend when it comes.”  I’ll post some more ideas in the future of living a positive thinking kind of life. 

But for now.  Have a great day and succeed at all the things you might try.  I’m going to have waffles.

“Get the dignitaries and robots to the bullet trains.”


Old Frank Oz puppet Yoda was so much better than new CG Yoda.


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  1. a morning mantra I’ve found useful:

    Waking up this morning I smile.
    a whole new day is before me.
    I vow to live fully in each moment,
    And to look on all beings
    with eyes of compassion.

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