Rainy Day Music

So this weekend we were rained out of a tasty gig in Regina’s Wascana Park. We were about to go on then then the sky cracked open. Strangely all was not lost.

We stuck around the park after the relatively short storm and had a very enjoyable adventure. The downpour seemed to revitalize the grass, the trees, and our spirits. We rolled out of our vehicle and into a green world. We strolled around and were impressed by the vibrancy of mother nature. Double rainbows we saw! Double! It was sweet.

Also Handy drives like a maniac. But at least he knows how to drive a standard. June 19th we’ve got a gig at Amigos Catina with our friends Volcanoless in Canada. Supa talented band. It’s going to be crazier then Handy talking about his conspiracies. Show up if you live in the 306 area code.

We’ve got pictures ddddone. More soon more soon.



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