3P Alert – Weeks Away People – Weeks

Okay so Fridays photos we’re too salacious for the internet so it took em down.

And on we go!

Well the 3P is nearly 100% mixed and ready to go [josh 1 more thing!]. So that means we’re releasing it soon. Do you want a copy? It’s pretty good I must admit.

We’ll be releasing it to our email list first (our moms, Crystelle, and Crystelle’s mom) . If you want to be like our mom then sign up and we’ll send it to you the day it comes out. Wow, what a deal!

To sign up to the email list just send armsup@gmail.com a email with the code word “muddah” or “faddah” or “sistah” or “bruddah” in the subject line. Capiche? fugetaboudit.

Yeah. party on Wayne.




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One response to “3P Alert – Weeks Away People – Weeks

  1. saskatoonhomepage

    Sign me Up!

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