Size Changes Everything

Howdy hi ya’ll

This one is all about the size of your band.  I’ve been in many different sized groups and ArmsUp itself has gone through a few configurations.

The ‘Orchestra’:  Symphonies, big bands, and the art rock bands.  I’m totally cool with this type of group as long as the members all have important musical roles.  Adding three more people just to make your band look big isn’t cool.
Eg: Dizzy Gillespie Big Band

The Classic 4 member group: This has been the format of Rock groups for such a long time.  ArmsUp just came out of this sized group after some time.  It allows for a big sound, lots of solo lines and some nice vocal harmonies.
Eg:The Beatles

The trio:  Here’s where we be now.  The classic examples are Cream and I guess John Mayer Trio (its good but not so classic yet).  I’m in love with this right now.  There is so much room to move about and everything is heard from the tiny snare hits, to the tinkling of the keys.
Eg: Cream 

Finally the Duo:  Which has become quite popular in the past while.  The White Stripes, The Helio Sequence, The Kills (had to fit them in somewhere) and many others are only using two people to rock people’s socks off.
Eg: The White Stripes

Or you can have a solo career:


p.s. William Hung has sold more records than us so I’m not harshing the guy


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  1. Brilliant man. Dig the breakdown muchly.

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