The Times They Are A Changing

Good day to everyone!

It certainly looks like a wonderfully sunny and beautiful day so I’m feeling GRRRRREAT!

Changes occur every day and are an essential part of life.  Some rock and some don’t, so quickly quickly here are some changes inthe life of ArmsUp.

1. Voyno has a job!  An actual job with suits and offices so congratulations for that guy.

2. Summer is nearly here! So here comes ol’ flat top groovin up slowing and loads of jams outside in the s’toonshine.

3. The biggest news I’ve got is that Heavy is moving.  Life has caught up with him and he’s seen the advantages of working on his carreer and life.  We all hope for the best as he moves out to Calgary.  We also hope we can play in Calgary and crash at his new place.

Time to face the changes


p.s. I’d like to be under the sea in an octopus’ garden!


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