Hidey Hi ya’ll!!!

Have fun kiddies

Have fun kiddies

I’m back!  I figured I might need to write a bit o bloggity blags to keep people entertained at their boring jobs.  Plus I’ve got nothing better to do at the moment.

Does anyone listen to art music (commonly called classical)?  I sure do! Even though I’m in a band that is far FAR away from anything like it.  I’ve found it to be a nice little social experiment at work to put CBC on and just wait for people to comment.  I’ve been surprised in the last few days by the amount of co-workers who are into classical music.  I’ve also been told by the nice older ladies ‘how wonderful it is for a young man to have good taste’.

But today was the clincher.  I had one of the nice older ladies come up to me and tell me that ‘this opera music, just isn’t good’.  I was startled because it was a Haydn symphonia with no singing at all…so not opera.  Whatever old lady, you probably listen to Benny Goodman…psha!


p.s. I’m a pretentious music boy


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  1. 😛 i build the cow, its awesome!!!

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