A Celebration

Hi hi hi oh my brothers,

Smile and rejoice because the day is finally here!  Well I will smile and rejoice at least, even if you aren’t in the same position.  Today is my last day of school (as a student) after 17 long years I’m being released, so joy joy joy!

Some other things that are happy:  Spring is fast approaching! (Which means longboarding)  Summer comes after Spring! (Which means BBQs)  Next week we’ll be in the studio!!! (Which means new songs)

Now to contradict all of this hapiness I wrote some blues lyrics so here we go:

 I had me a woman just so sweet you see
I had someone to hold oh so tenderly
I had me a woman just so sweet yeah yeah
But she’s movin on across that big blue sea

Its that big ol jet plane that’s causing me this sorrow
You see I just couldn’t beg steal or borrow
Enough of your money to follow you through
I just don’t know my people I just don’t know
What it is I’m going to do

And here is some real blues music:


p.s. Don’t worry if she left.  She knows that its good on this side of the fence.



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3 responses to “A Celebration

  1. Pat Pattison

    Congrats on your last day of school. Can I have my wallet back now?

  2. Congrats on getting your grade 10 Jim. It took a few tries but you did it. Plus I heard it’s way fuckin harder than grade 9!

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