Friday at the Office

Hi hi hi oh my brothers,

For those of you who read Sunny Day Tunes you might have noticed that there weren’t a whole lot of sunny day tunes.

For those of you reading this fantastic post, you’ll probably notice I don’t work in an office but I thought I’d keep up the incorrect titles for a wee bit.

I have to be honest. I was going to put up some lyrics about a sunny day on that last post, but I got self conscious and backed out at the last second (I’m very critical of my lyrics). Then I wrote a post and didn’t change the title and Jeff caught me red handed in my false advertising.

So here are some sunny day tunes that I’ll be listening to soon from a wide variety of genres (because I’m a crazy man)

1. Satellite – Guster
2. Take Take Take – The White Stripes
3. Goodnight & Go – Imogen Heap
4. El Machete – Antibalas

5. Everyone I Know Is Sailing – ArmsUp – Oh ya! We finally got that demo I’ve been promising you.

Many comments would be quite welcomed.



p.s. anyone want to book a tour for us?



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3 responses to “Friday at the Office

  1. Satellite is such a great track, makes me day dream every time I hear it. For more sunny tunes I’d recommend anything by The Format.

    Oh, and the demo sounds astounding. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. I laugh everytime I see that scene from Office Space. Hilarious stuff!

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