Sunny Day Tunes

Hi hi hi oh my brothers,

Its a sunny sunny day today!  The weather is surely turning to Summer and we’re excited to be outside as much as we can be jamming in the sun by the beautiful river here in Saskatoon.

But wait! That picture up there has no sun in it?  I know but its a cool picture to say the least and more than pretty enough to be there.

Idea! Some demos and pics for the blogy blog here?  Some nice pics are on their way (when I remember to bring the camera home) and we actually did up 2 demos last night!  Voyno will cook up some internet magic and we’ll put some of the best ones up soon.

Its a great idea indeed! At least I thought so!


p.s. What the hell are sommersets?



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2 responses to “Sunny Day Tunes

  1. this blog title made me think that you were going to talk about some bands that are great for listening to during sunny summer days….

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