Mood Swings

Good morning boys, girls, gentlemen and gals,

The moods we can choose from

The moods we can choose from

For the past two months or so we have been writting a new song every week.  Music is our currency and the more we create the richer we are essentially (except we don’t have all that much money right now).  Voyno though, being a mastermind thinker, ponderer or problem solver, whatever you want to call him, came up with an idea to stretch our currency over a wider area.

Being in tune with your emotions is one of the important parts of making music.  We hope that every song we write has meaning to us, to the listeners or to the drunks that happen into the bar we’re playing at.  One way or another someone’s emotions are being fed by the tunes.  Voyno considered this for an afternoon and came up with a great idea.  “Let’s play our songs in different moods”.

So that’s where we’re at tonight.  As long as nobody got cold feet and felt we weren’t ready for it.  If you come on out to Refuse to Sit Down at Vangelis then you are sure to get the option of calling out a mood.  If we choose your mood, we play the next song in that mood.  Keeps us interested, and you get some say in the music making.  A win win situation if you ask me.

An Example:  Chillin on the beach on a warm summers day.  We’ll play something that makes us feel that way.  What do you say?


p.s.This self control you’re exuding is impressive…most impressive


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