Here We Come Regina

A good morning to all,

Friday is here and that means a couple of things.  First of those things is that I’m going to review something…I’m still deciding what it will be, but as I write I’ll figure that part out.  The second thing is that tonight we play our first show in Regina.  Its been a long time in the making but finally we head out into the big world of Saskatchewan for an adventure of driving and music.

On to this review quick before I get my act together and finish up some homework.  Bah Humbug to homework and all of its garbage.  We’ll keep this on track with a review of Supertramp.

Woah!  Supertramp? Thats a weird band isn’t it?  Heck yes it is!!!  I’ve been listening to them (on my precious vinyl recordings) for the past week.  I’ve come to appreciate some things about them:

1. They write some crazy trippy songs, which is exactly the kind of music ArmsUp is writting at the moment
2. They use an awesome array of instrumentation i.e.: pianos, keys, saxophones, marimba etc.  It adds so much to the usual mix of guitar, bass and drums.
3.They know how to build up a song from one line like no other.  So tasty.

Here is a quick clip of them to keep you satiated on your last day of the week.  Reginians should come on out tonight!


p.s. I’m going to name my cat Chairman Meow



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2 responses to “Here We Come Regina

  1. wish I could have tagged along to Regina and carried your gear and perhaps more ??

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