Roll With It!

Good Morning ya’ll,

I’m not usually up to see the sunrise and especialy not after last night, so I thought I’d put a picture of it up.  Its a nice big reminder of my carpooling days last Semester. 

Last night was Fun.  At the very base of the entire situation of playing gigs I’m having lots of fun.  Of course we still have to carry our gear, set it all up on stage, make sure the sound is working (hopefully turn on all of the speakers), and do all of that in reverse at the end of the night.  Its fun though.

I’m having great feelings about everything with the band here.  We are really rolling with it right now and things are starting their own motion.  Numbers, if there is any reason to believe them, tell me that more and more people are reading the blog, checking out the myspace, and listening to our music.  So its really only a matter of time before we take off to the big leagues.

Speaking of rolling with it, we finally had some AMAZING jams on stage.  There is a big step you have to take away from the rehearsed material that is safe and controlled into the wonderful area of jamming.  I’ve found that we enter our jams on stage timidly but last night we went for some things that really really rocked.  Having fun on stage is what this is all about.

Regina is tomorrow.  We’re ready and we’re going to have so much more fun.

Here is another video following Voyno’s skateboarding vid…Oh Summer come here please, I want to hold your hand.


p.s. when would you be free to take some tea with me?


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