Hi hi hi oh my brothers,



A good morning to all you boys and girls, gentlemen and gals.  Especially the pretty young gals who like to and are going to come out to our shows this week!  

Last night I slept like a baby because we had an amazing rehersal.  This was no childrens jam where we played only a few tunes and became easily distracted along the way.  We certainly weren’t thrown off track by the ever tempting jam that Heavy preserves every fall and leaves in his basement for an evening tossandwhich.  This was a full fledged practice like those I’ve encountered in bands and orchestras…3 hours people!!!  With only the barest amount of talking to fix any small problems that arose.  3 hours we struggled through our set playing each song at least 3 times, making sure that they were all performance perfect.  Keep in your wonderful minds that this is no small feat.  A professional orchestra or concert band might practice this long but there is a tuxedoed crazy dictator at the front controlling all of the musical decisions and printed music guides each of the players along so arguments are few and far between.  In our case we’re a bunch of laid back hippies in sweaters democratically deciding where each part of the song should go.  So ya I fell asleep with great ease last night humming ArmsUp lullibyes to myself.

On to some completely different stuff:  Yesterday I recieved through the postal service the new U2 album.  Now I’m into routine with my records so I didn’t/ haven’t listened to it yet.  It will come (once I’ve listned to the other records before it) but I did take it out of its fancy wrapping and look through the artwork.  Absolutely beautiful.  But then let’s remember the Joshua Tree which had some of the most beautiful photography I’ve ever seen.  One way or another I’m going to listen to this album, I just need to bring myself to put the never before played vinyl onto the turntable and let the needle scratch it’s way along…I’ve never had vinyl this fresh and pristine before!

With that in mind have yourselves a fantastic day and Remember what happens on Wednesday…


p.s. Do you ever wonder if they lost your ph. number?…Or did you just lose your ph?


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