ArmsUp & the New Week

Hi hi hi oh my brothers,


So this is take two of this blog.  Wordpress is being pissy this morning and decided that it should save the url and delete the blog that I’d written .

Action: So its a new week and we’re ready for some exciting times.  I’m really feeling the upwards motion of the band in general.  The songs are coming together, we’re playing lots and people seem to be noticing what we’re doing.

So this week we’ll be up to the usual:

-Wednesday we’re at Vangellis again for Refuse to Sit Down except!  This week there will be a beer night before the show.  Drink lots and then listen to ArmsUp and some great comedy and then more ArmsUp…should be a blast

-Friday we head down to Regina, the bright capital of Saskatchewan to play a rockin show at O’Hanlons.  I’m really excited because it’ll be a real weekend show with lots of rock from us…should be a blast

This last week we actually got our stuff together and practiced.  It was a bit difficult since I had a nasty cold and the weather turned to a nasty cold as well.  But we got together and practiced the new songs, fixed up some vocals and made sure everything really belonged in the songs.  We even had a band night with za, movies and cake!…should be a blast…er…it was a blast.


p.s. If you take a walk I’ll tax your feet


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