Rod Stewart?

Hi hi hi oh my brothers,

Its Friday, which is awesome.  I’m sick, which isn’t awesome. Vampire Campfire is at nearly 1000 plays, which is really awesome!

I’ll try to keep this somewhat sane but with this sickness, my extreme tiredness and a touch of fever I’m not as sane as I’d like to be.  As I’ve mentioned before I got a nice stack of records from my rents.  Some of them are great and I’m excited to listen to them, while others I just didn’t take and yet others are ‘good’ but I’m not sure if I really like them yet.

So I found Rod Stewart’s “A Night On The Town”.  It was clearly one of the ‘good’ but I’m not sure yet.  I’m not really a fan of Rod Stewart but I know some of the tunes and I’m willing to try things out.  The music has a good smatering of Stewart songs with Cat Stevens’ “The First Cut is the Deepest” as a cover on the first side.  But wait?!

Records have, since I’ve begun listening to them, shown me the different side to music from that time period.  With ipods and CDs even we don’t have A and B sides, just the album or songs that we’ve downloaded.  With records you find a different dynamic.  Some songs are clearly A sides (which is arguably the only side people listen to, not wanting to flip the disc) and some songs are clearly B sides.  But on this album Rod Stewart made the sides, not A and B but Fast and Slow.  Genius!  Now I won’t even have to pick out the slower side to relax to or find the fast tracks when I’m in an upbeat mood.


p.s. Now I’m out of Starburst


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