The Performance Zone

Hi hi hi oh my brothers,

Heavy really enjoys that note

Heavy really enjoys that note

So I’m late because last night was fun…this morning not so much so, but I made it to school and Simon and Garfunkel are now making me much happier.

Thank you to everyone who came out last night.  Everyone else should shape up and come see how tight and musically great we’re becoming.  Or do it again if you allready have.

Allright then…on to the post.  Last night while we were playing on stage I realized how important a live show is.  The bottom line in this business is music.  You need great songs so that people will want to listen to them.  There are lots of ways for your potential fans to hear you but in the beginning it really needs to come from your live show.  Distribution of your records isn’t an easy or cheap task and just putting them up on myspace isn’t going to help you either.

This is where a live show comes in.  But the live show has to find The Performance Zone.  To play in the zone you need three things (basically).

I. Great music – you need to write good tunes AND you need to play them well (together as a band, dynamics etc.).  We as a band practice a whole lot to play the songs well and we review how songs are written all the time to make damn sure they are good.
II. A stage show – Be yourself on stage but be free.  If you aren’t a crazy active person then don’t try to be that on stage.  We like to shoot each other down and when we do this on stage the audience gets to laugh and know us a bit better.  Big bands have fireworks and the whole shebang.  Maybe think about getting some lights for your band as a first step.
III. Audience Interaction – You are the salesperson for your product which is your music.  Make people like it by giving them a chance to interact with the band.  Get audience reactions from songs or just gauge it from the stage.  We’ve decided that if we’re losing the audience we’ll quickly throw a cover song into the mix to get their attention back.

Don’t get caught up so far into making yourself smile at everyone that you forget the chords of a song.


p.s. I really don’t look like Mendelssohn


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