Home Recording

Hi hi hi oh my brothers,

Wednesday means Vangelis tonight!  8:30 and we’ll be on playing our well practiced and oiled set of tunes.  Then you can relax and listen to some great comedy.  10:30 or 11:00 we’ll be back rocking new songs, jams and generally having a great time.  Come on out and rock with us!!

So over the past while Heavy has taken it upon himself to obtain some recording equipment.  It was really only last night that I realized just how much improvement has come upon us since he started getting into recording stuff.  Long long ago when we were just starting we recorded some songs on Voyno’s digital 8track recorder.  2 tracks for drums, a track for the rest of us and a vocal track.  We would do the song in one or two takes and then mix it quickly.  Now we have a mixing board, garage band and mics.  We laid down some of the new songs (Which we’ll play tonight) and they sound great.  Obviously not a professional studio but I think we might be getting close.

Come on out tonight and we’ll rock your socks off.


p.s. Don’t lose your trash


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