A Community Approach

Howdy hi yall,

There are about ten million more people reading the blog now so I should step up the quality maybe.  But we’ll do that later (I’m the king of procrastination).

Last night we as a band created a new song.  Now the song writing process is different for everyone and that intrests me quite a bit.  It got me to thinking of other bands.  Who writes their songs?  Do they collaborate on the musical creation?  What would a band have been like with one member missing? With one member more? or even a different member on drums.

Its lots to think about and wonder.

ArmsUp has a few different styles of writing itself.  Voyno brings a set of guitar chords and plays them for us.  Everyone else falls into place by playing some lead lines or developing a vocal melody.  When I bring songs they are written on piano which gives them a different style.  Chords are set, rhythm is mostly set and I generally even have a lead line ready to go.

Neither way is better than the other but the most important part of any song that ArmsUp writes is the “Grinder” as we call it.  Taking a Voyno song or  SnowDove song (both of which tend to be outside of the ArmsUp style) and grinding off the pulp until it becomes a solid gem.  This way, even if someone didn’t write the song directly they have the opportunity to put their interpretations of the song in and create something wonderful.


p.s. I wonder what Miles and Hendrix would have sounded like together


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