Cable Man

I have to re-watch Cable Man.

There is a dude installing our cable right now. Wow is he a interesting cookie. He began installing the cable, went down stairs to check out our basement cable/scope out the jam space (our paraphernalia, ah!), came back up stairs, then walked out the door with not so much as a word. I got up early on a Saturday morning to get this done and he takes off?! Ha!

Ah well. Probably the man scoped out our next setlist and was so blown away at how many songs we’ve written that he received a calling from god telling him to spread the news… about cable.

Any way. March is almost here and already it’s purdy booked up. We’re playing around our Province of Saskatchewan, we’re video taping a live studio session, recording 2 more songs, and then the plan is to go into the studio in late March and lay down every single song we have in one marathon session. Like The Beatles did on Meet the Beatles. Wish us luck.

On a random note: Lost is kicking ass yet again, Flight Of The Conchords and 30 Rock are making my sides hurt from brilliant laughter, Survivor and Amazing Race are redeeming themselves, and Jeff downloaded Spaced. It’s a British show with Simon Pegg, the dude from Shaun of the Dead. It’s strange, and I don’t get it yet but I’m sure I will.

See you,


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