The Rolling Stones

Huzzah for Friday!

I hope everyone is in a good mood.  Tonight its time to let loose and party with your friends before the big bad work week gets ya again.

I’m feeling a bit of writers blocked today though I can’t tell why.  I’m sure that as soon as I walk away from the computer I’ll get an amazingly insightful thought that would make a much better blog, but I’ll write it on another day.

After practice last night I was watching Youtube videos last night…what else would I be doing?  I generally like to let youtube suggest the next video and see where it takes me and if I can’t find something rare and tasty.  
By letting youtube guide me I found some fantasticly old Rolling Stones stuff.  Videos that make the band look like high school kids.  But I noticed that even then at that extremely young age they had started the very essence of looking like rock stars.  The Beatles were a better band, especially at this time, but they looked like prepy little boys trying to make people smile (as much as John hated that).  The Rolling Stones looked like unhappy boys who were way cooler than you could ever be.  Check it out for yourself.


p.s. We all have to drink out of decanters at one point in life. 


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