Crash Landing

Hi hi hi oh my brothers,

A great big thank you to everyone that came out to Refuse to Sit Down last night.  I’m impressed with the comedians.  Every week they get better and better and I haven’t seen too many jokes repeated throughout the course of this show.

A great big thank you to everyone who stuck around for our second set.  Usually its us, some of the comedians (who are drunk out of their minds at the time) and the staff.  Because of the small attendance we usually jam a lot more and we’ve been adding the new songs to each week.  So last night with all of those people there it was nice.

The crash landing came this morning though.  Wednesday night partying isn’t the most intelligent idea out there.  Now I’ve got school, Heavy has work and I’m thinking Handy does as well.  So we’re all cranky, tired and trying to make it through the day.

But if we can do it so can YOU…so be there next week!

Man the grammys used to rock


p.s. the vocals were better at least



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4 responses to “Crash Landing

  1. sorry I couldn’t make it last night boys. And Snowdove, did you forget to list Voyno when you were describing where everyone had to be in the morning?

  2. Lilia

    greetings cranky band!

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