Pushing The Limits

Good day ya’ll,

So the midweek has struck again.  As per every Wednesday we’re playing tonight so if you’re doing nothing then come on out.  Even if you have to leave on a stupid, boring trip the next day you should suck it up and come out to check out the amazing leaps and bounds we’ve made in the past month.

Tonight we’re going to be pushing the limits of the band.  Every week of this show we have, so far, added a new song to the set.  Every week of this show we have, so far, done a damn good job of playing the new song.  So this week will be no different and you should really come on out to see:
Rock ‘n’ Roll Raccoons
Train Car Hopping
10th St Taxman
Now Now.
4 of ArmsUp’s most cutting edge songs, on the very cusp of where we want the music of this band to go.

Push the limits and come check out tonight’s show.


p.s. So ret it out and ret it in


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